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Tai Sin Group of Companies


Established in 1980 as a cable manufacturing business, Tai Sin Electric Limited (Tai Sin) has strategically expanded and diversified over the years, emerging as a prominent industrial group in Southeast Asia.  In 1998, Tai Sin was listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore, SESDAQ, and later transferred to the SGX Main Board in 2005.

The Tai Sin Group is structured into four interlinked business segments: Cable & Wire, Electrical Material Distribution, Test & Inspection and Switchboard. Leveraging the combined core competencies and expanding capabilities of each segment, the Group delivers focused collective solutions to its customers.

As Tai Sin continued to experience growth and expansion, the company recognised the importance of strengthening human capital engagement and management.

The ability to sense, anticipate, and capture new opportunities is crucial.  To address this, Tai Sin engaged Universal Stage to design, develop, and deliver a comprehensive and integrated transformational leadership programme.

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The Challenge


Swiftly identifying and recognising growth potential in local and regional markets is no longer sufficient for scaling the business.  Changing market conditions have presented new challenges and opportunities, compelling Tai Sin and its subsidiaries to place a greater emphasis on the development of future leaders through effective human capital management.  The existing and future leaders of Tai Sin Group had to not just be strategic planners with a holistic and balanced view of the company's operations but also adept at managing risks, capturing opportunities, and driving growth and transformation.

To meet this demand, fourty high-potential employees from Tai Sin's subsidiaries – Cast Laboratories, Lim Kim Hai Electric, LKH Precicon, and LKH Projects Distribution – were identified to be groomed and nurtured as leaders who would form high-performing teams and lead future business growth.

Our Solutions

Universal Stage’s engagement process with the group commenced by utilising the Business Excellence framework to perform an assessment of the company which also served as the foundation for developing a tailored solution that would address the companies’ - Cast Laboratories, Lim Kim Hai Electric, LKH Precicon, and LKH Projects Distribution, specific challenges and objectives.

Recognising that success hinges on aligning strategic objectives to realise desired outcomes, an interventionist approach was used where the purpose statement was first developed with the focus was on establishing robust business strategies, strengthening management systems and processes.

In light of the prevailing uncertainties globally, the skills, competencies, and attitudes required from leaders have evolved. Advanced cognitive and interpersonal skills are now necessary to thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.  Future leaders must adopt a versatile leadership approach, possess strong skillsets, demonstrate mental tenacity, and exhibit agility to navigate competition and drive long-term success.  Both current and future leaders not only needed to have a holistic view of current business operations but also the ability to expeditiously identify and lead future directions.

To address these needs, Universal Stage curated a structured 10-day training programme, providing practical tools and templates that went beyond imparting knowledge; it emphasised real-world application.  The modules covered included Multiplying Success, Thinking Right, Advancing Change, Cultivating Emotional Intelligence, and Systemising Conflict.

Universal Stage supported the implementation of the learned principles by providing mentoring assistance to the learners during feedback sessions that enabled them to effectively apply the acquired knowledge into practice and drive tangible results on the ground.  The programme culminated in a final presentation that facilitated cross-sharing and learning across the group, fostering collaboration and collective growth.


Development and mastery of the critical core competencies covered taught in the programme, together with the provided templates, has expanded the learner's toolbox to effectively navigate obstacles and maximise their potential in both professional and personal spheres.


As a result of this collaborative effort, the learners are empowered to perform and contribute synergistically as a team across the organisation, ultimately strengthening the organisation’s position and setting the stage for continued success in this competitive market.


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