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Max Talent


In 2012, Max Talent, a Place-and-Train programme, was introduced to address the challenges faced by unemployed, job-ready Professionals, Managers, and Executives (PMEs) and to enhance the Human Resource capabilities of participating SMEs in recruiting and managing these newly-hired PMEs.

The programme encompassed a three-day workshop for PMEs, as well as post-placement support for both the participating SMEs and PMEs.  This comprehensive approach ensured the successful achievement of the programme's objectives.

Administered by ASME with the support of WDA, Max Talent operated for a period of two years, from April 2012 to May 2014.


The Challenge

Max Talent was conceived with the objective of establishing an integrated platform that bridged the gap between job-seeking PMEs and potential SME employers.

Local SMEs often faced stiff competition from multinational corporations (MNCs) when attracting and retaining top talent.  Local PMEs, on the other hand, often encountered difficulties in securing employment during economic downturns, as companies placed hiring as a lower priority.  It became imperative to devote more attention and resources to ensuring that local PMETs across the various age groups and income levels remained relevant and gainfully employed, potentially within SMEs that could also offer exciting and fulfilling career opportunities.

Aligned with the mission to enhance local companies' manpower development capabilities, ASME appointed Universal Stage as its strategic partner to devise a solution that would assist SMEs in the recruitment and retention of suitable talents for their organisations.

Our Solutions

The Max Talent programme presented a holistic framework that comprised five key phases: enrolment and participation, facilitated placements, intervention, monitoring and review, and final evaluation.


SMEs could enrol in the programme to enhance their overall competitiveness by expanding their talent pool through the recruitment and effective management of local PMEs.  PMEs could also participate in the programme to secure rewarding careers within local SMEs.

The newly hired PMEs were then required to attend a comprehensive three-day workshop that equipped them with essential management skills and knowledge.  PMEs also received a Talent Resource Kit, which guided them in establishing relevant, achievable work goals and a career map.  This ensured a meaningful employment experience and a clear path for career advancement.

ASME also organised monthly sessions for both the PMEs and their supervisors, providing ongoing support and guidance using the Talent Resource Kit over a six-month period.  These sessions also served as a platform for the monitoring, assessment of the placement, performance, and retention of PMEs within the SMEs.


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