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Professional Conversion Programme


Eurasia Global Food experienced remarkable growth and expansion, even during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.  In 2020, the company expanded its operating premises from 18,000 sqft to 63,000 sqft and achieved a staggering 400% revenue growth from 2007 to 2021.  To continue this upward trajectory, Eurasia Global Food recognised the need to attract talented individuals and provide them with comprehensive training that combined critical restaurant-specific knowledge with structured on-the-job training.

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With the support of Workforce Singapore (WSG), Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) was introduced in 2021.  The PCP aimed to attract potential restaurant leaders to join Eurasia Global Food and equip them with the necessary skills through a holistic and integrated training programme.  The programme offered a three-month immersive experience, combining customised structured on-the-job training, facilitated classroom sessions, and attachments across the various departments. PCP was designed holistically to allow learners to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the different departments supported and ensured seamless restaurant operations.

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The Challenge

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Eurasia Global Food faced significant challenges in the attracting of talents to join their growth and transformation journey.  As the F&B industry is a highly competitive one with many negative perceptions associated with it; long working hours, long standing hours, dealing with difficult customers and situations, and an also relatively unattractive compensation package are the commonly known downsides to working in F&B.

To address these challenges and to attract employees to their restaurant operations, Eurasia Global Food intentionally streamlined their operations, maintaining a lean menu with limited offerings, optimised the kitchen processes with the support of their procurement, logistics, and a processing factory.  Eurasia Global Food’s streamlined operations approach allowed individuals with no prior F&B experience to be encouraged to join the company and grow together with it.

Our Solutions

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RESULTS for Restaurant Leaders is a comprehensive on-the-job training programme designed to develop and nurture talent for Growing and Transforming Enterprises, leading to direct entry positions as Restaurant Managers with a competitive starting salary of up to $3,200.

The programme adopted a design, development, and delivery methodology that took into consideration the operational reality of the F&B industry, both present and future.  Practicality, usefulness of content, ease-of-learning, and implementation were key considerations in ensuring the programme's effectiveness and the achievement of desired outcomes.

A learner-centric approach was adopted, tailoring the programme to the background of participants, including their education levels, past job experiences, language proficiency, preferred style of communication, and levels of motivation.

Each new hire enrolled in the programme was assigned a dedicated mentor who provided personalised guidance and support throughout their learning journey.  This mentor played a vital role in monitoring the performance of the new hire on a weekly basis, ensuring a continuous feedback loop.  By closely reviewing performance and adjusting to the respective needs of each learner, the mentor facilitated a tailored learning experience, allowing individuals to excel in their roles.

Overall, Eurasia Global Food strategically tapped on the RESULTS for Restaurant Leaders programme to attract and nature a passionate pool of individuals who were enthusiastic about the F&B industry.  By equipping participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical experience, the programme empowered new learners to assume leadership positions and drive growth within the organisation, positioning the company for long term success and sustainability.


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