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We proudly present the feedback from our valued learners and clients, which serves as a heartfelt tribute to their support and kindness we have received.  These endorsements bear witness to our steadfast dedication and diligence, providing ongoing inspiration for us to exceed expectations.  We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed their experiences to this shared journey.

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Gerald Cheng Kai Yong

Head of Group Human Resources

Tai Seng Electric Limited

Uniquely different programme!

The RESULTS programme has been very good, it’s very different from all the other courses we’ve attended before.

Andy has made things very relatable and very easy to understand, as compared to some of the courses we’ve attended before that requires us to have high level thinking and the examples given are a bit hard to digest.

But linking the four modules together has made it very easy for us to piece things back together and apply it back into our business planning and operations.  I would really highly recommend this course for many of you to attend.  And to the Universal Stage team — Andy, Selina and the team have been very supportive of us.  Well done!

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Kenny Loh

Accounts and Office Manager

Eurasia Global Food (S) Pte Ltd

We are pleased that our company has been working closely with Universal Stage over the past four years to achieve multiple important milestones for Eurasia.  The company's operating premise has increased from 18,000sq feet to 63,000sq feet to support the growth of restaurant concepts, outlets, and businesses.  We have expanded our restaurant concept from Japanese to Chinese cuisine, and the number of outlets has increased from 6 to 18.

We are thankful to Andy, who brought us an excellent opportunity to work together with SMU Academy to co-design a training module – Holistic Value Chain Management in F&B.  Further, we embarked on the Professional Conversion Programme to convert the PMETs from other industries to join our company that was awarded by WSG on the F&B PCP (PnT).

Since the last quarter of 2019, our company has started sending our employees for the RESULTS programme as a default training for all our eligible employees, with the training tagged to their career progression.  We recommend that the other companies engage Universal Stage as their working partner to grow and transform their companies and attend their RESULTS training programme. 

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Dr Garrie Giam


PT Business Network Pte Ltd

As an SME, we do not have a dedicated HR Department. As such, we were compelled to take this opportunity to attend the workshop “Employment Act And Its Practical Applications”.  We want to make sure that our corporate HR policies are updated and in-line with the Employment Act.


Undoubtedly, there are a lot of information regarding the Employment Act provided on the internet.  However, which regulations are applicable, how to apply or introduce it into our Company can be challenging.  I attended this workshop with an open mind and was armed with numerous questions.  With his expertise, Nicholas was most engaging.  He understood the challenges we faced and was able to answer all my questions and clear all doubts.  Most importantly, he gave me a direction on how to interpretate and put in action the policies that will be aligned with the Employment Act.


I recommend this workshop for all the SMEs that are keen to understand the Employment Act and how we should manage our Human Resources in accordance with the Act – understanding the rights of the Employers and Employees.

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