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We do not just provide consultancy.  We are RESULTANTS who deliver outcomes for our clients

Welcome to the pinnacle of our works where we drive our brains close to the speed of light to deploy multiple expertises with our partners and clients to deliver success at both national and enterprise level. 

We identify ourselves as resultants because we approach each undertaking with an outcome-oriented mindset that directs us to identify, connect and align the grand vision with strategic objectives and critical steps to deliver our promise.


Consultancy shot with our valued client, LKH Group of Companies.


From left to right: Gerald, Group HR; Daniel, GM of Project Distribution; Andy Lim, Lead Resultant at Universal Stage and Mr. Ong, CEO


We enhance the value of our esteemed consulting clients, which include small and growing enterprises and listed companies across a wide range of industries, with our customised range of programmes in line with national initiatives.

Values-Driven Excellence

Our aim is simple - to provide beyond the best of what the industry has to offer in training and consultancy, combined.

The focus is to provide top-notch solutions to deliver transformative outcomes for enterprises.  Although people are not born equal, we strive to level the playing field for those who are determined to progress through our learning programmes.

We are blessed because we have many mentors and friends who share the same beliefs and have showered us with support when we lacked capital and were new in the field.  To make real, impactful change, we recognise the need to take charge of our thoughts and work with leaders who can make a difference.

Working with multiple parties, we have confidence that a well-designed, holistic platform of collective wisdom deployed with execution excellence will bring about extraordinary success for everyone. 

It’s better with US


To pursue and

excel new limits


To forge and treasure genuine relationships


To lead and inspire societal actions


To develop and generate win-win outcomes 


To champion and facilitate forward-thinking

We work with the very best

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