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About US

More than your usual consulting firm and training provider combined

Universal Stage is a result-oriented consultancy and integrative learning firm founded to provide enterprises and learners with effective solutions.


We are the stage for transformative growth, deploying business-centric management consulting and consultancy-based training programmes for progressive enterprises seeking to create business value, as well as learners who would like to realise their untapped potential in both their work and personal lives.

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Our Services

The services offered by US have influenced major business directions and altered critical paths taken in our customers’ lives.  We have forged extraordinary client relationships by delivering results on corporate challenges and facilitated learners on their journey to empower themselves with the capabilities to achieve betterment in their pursuits.


It is an honor to have provided advisories, project management and consultancy services for more than five hundred enterprises.  Additionally, our seminars, workshops and programmes have been attended by over twenty-five thousand learners.

We have strengthened and enhanced the employability of our learners who consistently rate our programme effectiveness with the maximum score of five out of five.  Indeed, we have contended against the big traditional consultancy and training organisations and have given clients and learners a good run for their money by delivering beyond the targeted expectations.


What sets Universal Stage apart from its competitors is our unique approach — we not only provide solutions but also assist in executing them, from the starting line to the bottom line. 


Our commitment to serving our clients is rooted in understanding the underlying causes of their challenges to deliver meaningful and tailored solutions.  We embrace the courage to implement change and dedicate ourselves to delivering outcomes that make a tangible impact.

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Our aim is to impact 


learners globally


A better world where everyone can meaningfully be the leader of their work and personal lives. 


Architecting the most pragmatic learning platform that supports the conditioning of minds, development of skills and transference of experiences to drive enterprise and personal success.

What we stand for


Commitment to Serve

We see every engagement with customers as an opportunity to understand the underlying causes of their challenges so that we can design, develop and deliver solutions that make true sense. 


Courage to Implement

We dislodge ourselves from “safe” zones of comfort to confront barriers that stand against new possibilities with a dedicated mind, sincere heart and sheer perseverance to deliver changes for the better.


Dedication to Outcomes

We put forth that the provision of consultancy and education is a serious duty, one that carries with it the responsibility of omitting the haute couture and focuses on the need to deliver outcomes.

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Deploying modern 
western management methodologies while being steadfast on Asian virtues 

The DNA of Universal Stage


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