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Welcome to the World of RESULTS


Imagine a place far away where enterprises clearly know their business objectives and have plans for what they should do, with proper allocation of their resources. 


In this magical land, all the employees from the enterprises are friendly and helpful, both to external customers and internal colleagues, even teams of sales people work hard not just to close transactional accounts but also seek to establish long term client relationships. 

All the above sounds great except that it should not be just a dream.  Isn’t this what all enterprises should aspire to be?  This dream is POSSIBLE and should be the default description for every successful enterprise.

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What is the RESULTS Programme?

The RESULTS programme is a collaboration between Singapore Management University (SMU) Academy, a champion in Lifelong Learning and Universal Stage, a consultancy-based training firm to offer practical, industry-relevant and impactful content to drive transformative performance for enterprises.

Background of Programme

Growing enterprises face a wide range of challenges as they strive to scale up within their industries, especially in an uncertain economic environment.  


The difficulty of managing performance on a larger scale centers on the ability of the enterprise to design and utilise a holistic approach to support planning, encourage employee development, increase customer satisfaction and raise sales concurrently.  

Management has to make decisions on areas of focus to gain a competitive advantage and prioritise scarce resources towards their achievement.  Successful enterprises must seek stabilisation of their business operations by investing in the development of talent and achievement of a high level of customer satisfaction.  There is also a critical need to grow sales to cater for increased utilisation of manpower and other expenses related to the expansion of the enterprises.

One programme, multiple outcomes

The RESULTS tracks possess several hallmarks that set them apart from the other programmes.


The power of integration to enable holistic learning


Consultancy-based  training to increase the learning retention rate


Progress measurements and 

monitoring to drive executional implementations

Programme Objectives


To design and develop robust content in a practical manner for participants who are busy and time-strapped to support business progression, profitability and sustainability.

To equip senior employees and ground level employees with critical outcome-based skills, tools and techniques in the formulating and achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), fostering a performance driven culture in the enterprise.

To provide follow-through support and interventions for participants to extend their  learning journey of knowledge acquisition towards effective application, implementation and achievement of results and advancing enterprise growth.


Growing Enterprises Track


Addresses business  challenges in seizing market opportunities with an additional focus on strengthening management system and processes based on the Singapore Business Excellence Framework.  


Nurture and grooming of  participants to plan and work independently in unity and grow harmoniously as a team to forward team and enterprise’s objectives. 


Shifting of participants’ mindset to a service orientated one so as to effectively manage daily challenges and rising above the crowd by creating a positive experience for customers and stakeholders.


Equip participants with the competencies to confidently offer, close and bring in more sales in a focused, sustainable and ethical way.


Elevate the game for service providers to deliver exceptional service to customers by triggering and evoking positive emotions via the development of a Standard Emotional Procedure (SEP). 


Equip participants with critical skills to secure an agreement on decisions and/or outcome(s) that are acceptable to all relevant parties that are involved.


Develop skills on dealing with grievances and disciplinary matters to achieve workplace harmony while motivating employees to drive high performance. 


Bridge the final gap for those who are ready with their presentation content with skills  to convey intent effectively, on a one-to-one basis or to a larger audience.


Use creativity principles and methods to provide a much needed edge for enterprises to troubleshoot and solve problems  in this uncertain and competitive climate.

Transforming Enterprises Track


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