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Universal Stage
for Transformative Growth

Addressing complex issues to emerge victorious, together

About US 

Universal Stage is a Results-Oriented Consultancy and Integrative Learning firm founded to provide enterprises and learners with effective solutions.


We are the stage for transformative growth, deploying business-centric consulting and consultancy-based training programmes for progressive enterprises seeking to create business value, as well as learners who would like to realise their untapped potential in both their work and personal lives.




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Diploma (SMUA)




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Experience Sharing




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Human Resource 


At the nexus of consultancy and advisory prowess, we transcend the confines of mere solutions.  We go beyond conventional problem-solving and fully immerse ourselves in your challenges, working as implementation partners.  With expertise gained from diverse industries, we harness knowledge to bridge gaps and offer unique perspectives that support your business's success.

Experience the difference of Universal Stage RESULTANCY—a blend of business-centric management consulting and consultancy-based training.  We believe that our unwavering drive to transcend traditional approaches, coupled with our expertise and credibility, sets us apart in providing transformative solutions that not only address your immediate needs but also help you create long-term value.

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Adv Diploma
in Growing & Transforming Enterprises

Integrative & Synergistic Learning through a Holistic Framework

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The Advanced Diploma in Growing and Transforming Enterprises is a collaboration between Singapore Management University (SMU) Academy, a champion of lifelong learning and Universal Stage, a consultancy-based training firm to offer practical, industry relevant and impactful content to drive transformative performance for growing enterprises.

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Kelvin Ong
Chief Executive Officer

Eurasia Global Food 

The materials taught in the Strategy module are very practical and closely mirror the real situations any company, especially SMEs, would face.

As the CEO of a growing enterprise, I find Andy's extensive experience and his unique, engaging delivery method incredibly helpful.  They enable learners at different levels of position to understand what strategy is and how they can play an instrumental role in strategy development and implementation within their own areas of work.  This critical alignment allows us to work cohesively towards our strategic objectives, and ultimately, our vision.

Since enrolling more than 80% of our employees in all ten modules of this RESULTS programme, we've seen unparalleled outcomes in terms of overall improvements in corporate culture and employee satisfaction.  This has led to increased retention and significant revenue growth.

We offer a suite of human resource and finance training to strengthen your HR practices and streamline financial strategies in your oganisation to deliver tangible outcomes that positively impact your bottom line and position your organisation for sustainable growth and success.

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Selina Tan
Managing Partner 

Universal Stage Pte Ltd

With three decades in HR, nothing brings me greater satisfaction than witnessing the transformative power of learning - seeing people rise from uncertainty to excel in their roles.  My role goes beyond guidance; it's about shaping futures, fostering an environment for individuals to outgrow their own expectations.  This impact on our learners' lives ignites my passion and drives my daily dedication.

Guest speakers from diverse walks of life are interviewed in a light-hearted manner to deep dive into their inner thoughts and previous encounters from work and life with subsequent summation of learning pointers and actions that the audience can undertake to grow and transform. 

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