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Employment Act and Its Practical Applications


Course Date: Friday, 22 Mar 2024 There were various amendments to the Employment Act in recent years. What were some of these key changes and how does a manager/ supervisor manage his/her staff or workforce in practical ways and without contravening provisions of the Employment Act. The workshop also touches other key issues to be addressed in the employment contract; how do you handle disciplinary issues; termination or dismissal etc. You gain practical tips and insights from examples in interactive case studies and more. Programme Objectives At the end of the workshops, learners will be able to: 1. Establish if employee can be offered higher starting pay in lieu of overtime claim 2. Determine if employer can dismiss employee who is frequently on sick leave 3. Know if employee can use annual leave to offset notice period 4. Ascertain if employee can use annual leave to offset notice period 5. Answer if foreign workers are entitled to all benefits under the employment act Programme Outline 1. Background to the Employment Act 2. Scope of Coverage 3. Contract of Service or Contract for Service 4. Termination of Contract 5. Salary and Salary Deductions 6. Public Holidays & Sick Leave 7. Maternity Protection & Childcare Leave for Parents 8. Transfer of Employer, Employee & Employment 9. Amendments to Employment Act 10. Dismissal on Grounds of Misconduct 11. Other/ related Employment Law Changes w.e.f. 2017 12. Leave Consumption/ Leave Encashment/ Notice Period 13. Q&A Session




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