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Writing Employment Contract, HR Policies & Procedures


Course Date: Monday, 15 Jul 2024 This one-day workshop provides practical toolkit for Executives and Managers to write employment contract, HR policies and procedures that are more suited for today’s business environment. Participants will learn by going through the process of understanding the difference between legal entitlements and privileges; deciding what should be covered / excluded in employment contract; and the steps in developing policies and procedures. Programme Objectives At the end of the programme participant should be able to: 1. Understand contractual concepts and employer’s legal liabilities 2. Identify the “must have” vs “nice-to-have” items in the employment contract 3. Understand the difference between policies and procedures 4. Identify the do’s and don’ts of HR policies 5. Develop the best way of drafting contract, HR policies and procedures Programme Outline 1. Different type of contracts 2. Difference between entitlements and benefits 3. What is HR Policy? 4. What is HR Procedure? 5. Steps in developing contracts and HR policies and procedures 6. Do’s and don’ts’ of contracts and HR policies & procedures Participants will receive sample Employment Contract, HR Policies and Procedures during the class to aid them to draft customized versions for their own companies.




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