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Effective Cash Flow Management


Course Date: Thursday, 11 Jul 2024 This workshop uses practical exercises to demonstrate the development of cash flow budgets and conduct a comprehensive analysis of an enterprise's performance using cash flow statements. This programme is ideal where participants from various departments or sections can utilise their respective information and operational data to develop a comprehensive set of interlinked cash flow budgets within an organisation. Programme Objectives Whether it is a new business or an existing one, cash flow management will always be a significant component contributing to the success of an enterprise's operation. Therefore, this course is designed to discuss the main features of cash flow statement, the techniques and methods to develop cash flow budgeting, and interpret the performance of an organisation using the cash flow statements. This one-day workshop also highlights the important considerations when performing cash flow budgeting and interpretation of cash flow statement. Programme Outline 1. Myth of "Profit" 2. Cash Flow Versus Profit 3. Linking the Financial Statements 4. Preparing Cash Flow Statement 5. Analyzing Business Performance Using Cash Flow Statements 6. Cash Flow Budgeting 7. Cash Flow Strategies For Your Business




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