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Effective Budgeting


Course Date: Thursday, 22 Aug 2024 It is essential for decision makers of a firm to know how accounting information can be organised so that quality decisions could be made. The course focuses on the main features of management accounting and its applications in a business enterprise and is designed for entrepreneurs, directors, managers and executives who participate in the management decision making process in the company. Programme Objectives As the focus is on the decision-making process, participants would not be required to understand the bookkeeping process and the preparation of financial statements. Instead, after the completion of the course, they are required to know how to apply various analytical techniques to make quality decisions. Programme Outline 1. Overview of Management Analysis 2. Budgeting and Variance Analysis 3. Cost Volume Profit (Break-even) Analysis 4. Short Term Decision Making 5. Job Costing for Service Industry 6. Activity Based Costing




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