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Essential Investing & Financing Strategy for Business


Course Date: Thursday, 19 Sep 2024 In today's globalised market, the rules of the game are constantly changing. Gaining accounting and financial knowledge is no longer an option for today's managers and executives. They need to explore the latest ideas and concepts of investment/finance and obtain hands-on experience with the most current tools to help their organisation gain an advantage. This programme delves beneath the surface into various aspects of financial management by examining tools such as financing the business, risk and return, investment appraisals, and valuation. Programme Objectives Theory and concepts of fundamental finance and investment will be introduced. Thereafter, methods on the valuation of shares, bonds and companies' worth will be discussed. Participant will be able to relate the risk and required return of a business and how these factors influence the value of company shares. Upon successful completion of the program, participant will walk away with powerful insights and frameworks that they can apply immediately to achieve their business objectives. Programme Outline 1. Introduction to Financial Management 2. Financing the Business 3. Measuring the Financial Health 4. Cost of Capital 5. Time Value of Money Concept 6. Investment Appraisals 7. Valuation Models 8. Dividend Policy




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