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People Management – The Law and Beyond


Course Date: Thursday, 15 Apr 2024 This workshop provides useful insights to key provisions of some employment statues, and tips (non-law aspects) on practical people management. This programme provides clear illustrations to show the need for managers and supervisors to mindful of statutory provisions when managing people. Industry experience will be used to share real anecdotes on good practices as well as pitfalls in various human resource and people management practices and techniques. Programme Objectives At the end of the workshop, learners will have insights, understanding and hands-on tips on: 1. Relevant key Statues applicable to all staff levels 2. Relevant key Common Law applications at all staff levels 3. People motivation – why some employees are more passionate at work than others 4. Useful tips on People Management in relation to Performance Management and Appraisal, handling Employee Grievance & Disciplinary Processes Programme Outline Common law and statutory provisions: 1. Rights & Duties of Employers 2. Rights & Duties of Employees 3. Work Injury Compensation Act 4. Trade Disputes & Criminal Law 5. Temporary Provision Act 6. Retirement & Re-employment Act 7. Protection from Harassment Act Human Resource & People Management Guides (beyond laws): 1. Motivating the Individual 2. Motivating Workgroup & Teams 3. Performance Management & Performance Appraisal 4. Grievance Handling 5. Disciplinary Process 6. Exits: Resignation, Termination & Dismissal




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